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When last did a card
game make you feel something?

A pack of cards that will take you from mediocre small talk to change-your-life chat.

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★★★★★   “Such an amazing way to connect and be vulnerable. We had stories and tears and just such amazing conversation.”

Small box,
big questions.

Cards for Conversation Game

This is a new kind of dinner party game that will teach you how to listen, encourage, and share in conversations that dig deeper than your typical chit chat.


(meaningless questions that aren’t going to change your life but are part of the formalities anyway)
  • How are you?
    I’m fine thanks.
  • How do I win?
    This is a card game where everyone wins.
  • But what’s the point of playing if I can’t win?
    As the name suggests, the point of playing is to have meaningful conversations with friends, family, and strangers. You’ll learn to listen, encourage, and share which is a win in our books.
  • My Tinder date was freaked out by your cards, what do I do?
    Afraid of deep conversations? Immediate red flag. Do not proceed with a second date.
  • My friend shared something really deep during our Cards for Conversations session yesterday. How can I support them?
    Cards for Conversation not only teaches you to share, but it also teaches you to listen and respond with empathy. Always start by validating what the person has shared and then ask them how they want to be supported in that moment.
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“Tonight was SO special. Can’t believe we were strangers before this evening.”

Stories from Strangers

We’ll have a new question here every month for you to answer anonymously. Think of this as an online journal, except everyone gets a page in the book, and no one knows who’s written what (fun!).
This month's prompt:
What is the most intense pain you’ve experienced that wasn’t physical?
There have been 16 answers to this question.
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Since this game is about sharing, let me kick us off...
In December 2016 my brother was hit and subsequently killed by a drunk driver, and as you can imagine, my life changed forever. I was surrounded by people who knew my story, yet I was drowning in a sea of "How you?", "How's work going?", "How's family?" – a set of mediocre questions that made me feel more alone than I had ever felt...
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