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Frequently asked questions that aren’t going to change your life but are part of the formalities anyway. If you can’t find the answers to your mediocre questions on this page, contact us at hello@cardsforconversation.com

The Everyday Mediocrities
  • How are you?

    I’m fine thanks.

  • How's your week been?

    Ya, it’s been good.

  • How's work going?

    Super busy at the moment.

Questions for When You’re Playing the Game
  • How do I win?

    This is a card game where everyone wins.

  • But what if I really want to win?

    Pipe down Craig. Revert to the point above. Deal with it.

  • But what’s the point of playing if I can’t win?

    As the name suggests, the point of playing is to have meaningful conversations with friends, family, and strangers. You’ll learn to listen, encourage, and share which is a win in our books. 

  • I feel like there are more conversations to be had. Where can I get more Cards for Conversation?

    We have some sneaky things in the pipeline, but you may just have to exercise some patience for now.

  • My Tinder date was freaked out by your cards, what do I do?

    Afraid of deep conversations? Immediate red flag. Do not proceed with a second date.

  • My friend shared something really deep during our Cards for Conversations session yesterday. How can I support them?

    First port of call: Validate them with words like “Wow, that sounds really painful, I never knew that about you”, or “I had no clue you walked through that, sounds like it was a really hard time for you”. 

    Second port of call: Ask them how you can be a friend to them, “Is there any way I can help you process what you told me? Would you like to talk about it? Do you need someone to listen? Or would you prefer to be distracted?” This gives them space to decide what they need from you.

Stuff You Might Actually Need to Know
  • How long does delivery take?

    Good things take time and Cards for Conversation is really good. Delivery can take 3-5 working days, hold tight! 

    Once your order has left our care, you’ll be able to track it here.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Cards for Conversation are shipped at a flat rate of R80.00 for orders across South Africa. But make a purchase over R500.00 and you’ll get your shipping for free (love that for you!)

  • Which shipping carrier do you use?

    Our orders are fulfilled by the good people at The Courier Guy.

  • Do you offer returns or refunds?

    If your order arrived damaged or with pieces missing, please contact hello@cardsforconversation.com. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.